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We've been documenting the lives of the founding fathers of Techno music in the States and abroad for over the past 7 years. They are Detroit's best kept secret as they have been quietly exporting their products and services to audiences all over the world for the past 30 years. The stars of this film are considered gods overseas, but fail to get the same recognition here at home.  They're the "hidden figures" of the $7.1 billion dollar industry of Electronic Dance Music, which is now led by the list of Forbes' cash kings like: Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Deadmaus to name a few.  Most people nowadays have no idea that Techno has Detroit origins or that black people have anything to do with this music.

It has been our personal mission to set the record straight by producing a documentary feature film to bring this important but overlooked part of black history to mainstream audiences. Until now, this has been an independent venture. But, now we need everyone's help.


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